Caravan Tour Submission

Caravan Submission Rules

Purpose of the Caravan is to make newly listed properties available to the greatest number of REALTORS® to give them the opportunity to become familiar with the properties, in an organized fashion and with the least amount of intrusion upon the property owner or guests. This is also an opportunity for REALTOR® Members to announce new or sold listings, price changes, customer wants, or general Association news. Affiliate Members have the opportunity to meet with our REALTOR® Members and introduce themselves and their company. The properties on the Caravan should be available for previewing from approximately 9 a.m. until noon. The hosts can make any arrangements for food, beverage or surprises as they deem to be appropriate.

When and Where?  Caravan meetings are at a location determined by the MLS Committee and/or Board of Directors. The meetings begin at 8:30 a.m. every Thursday morning during “season” and every other Thursday morning during the period of the year when the number of new listings and participation are lower (generally from about June to October) as determined by the MLS Committee. During the monthly Association breakfast meetings, which begin at 8 a.m., the MLS Caravan will immediately follow those proceedings.

Who?  All Primary & Secondary members are invited, along with Affiliate members to Caravan Tours. MLS Only subscribers may NOT attend Caravan or Breakfast meetings. After the Association’s business meeting Affiliates who wish to get on with their workday may leave without disturbing the proceedings.

  • Associates must use the “Caravan Tour Submission” web form link found under the “Links of Interest” module on the Home Page of the MLS. If an Associate telephones a submission in, office staff must use the web submission form to enter the listing.
  • Each Caravan shall include no more than 15 active listings. Any entries submitted after 15 will be placed on a waiting list in case any of the 15 entries decide to cancel.
  • Associates must fill out each form field completely. Each submission will receive a confirmation email with submission information.
  • All entries must be timestamped by the server no earlier than noon the preceding Thursday and no later than 4:00 p.m. the Tuesday of the scheduled Caravan.
  • A confirmation email will be sent the day before Caravan to notify Associates that their submission will be on that week’s Caravan.
  • Association staff or a member of the MLS Committee will arrange the properties in sequential driving order for the printed Caravan schedule. During season, there will be one week for “East” properties (with Rabbit Road being the dividing line) and the alternating week for “West” properties. Each designated week will fill up first with the “East” or “West” properties, with any space remaining at noon Tuesday filled with other-end properties on a first-come, first-served basis and placed at the end of the tour. In other words, if you call to schedule a ‘West” property for an “East” week, you must check with the Association staff on Wednesday morning to see if your property made the cutoff and, if not, you can notify your client that their property will not be on the Caravan that week. During the off-season, the Caravan will be available to all properties and arranged in geographic order, with a limit of 15 properties.
  • The information for the Caravan must include the MLS #, subdivision/condo, address, owner’s name, selling price, and limited remarks. The listing agent, broker, or a designated member from the same brokerage firm must introduce the property at the meeting or it will be scratched from the tour. If a property called in for Caravan is not cancelled, and no agent has the property open for Tour, the listing agent will receive a one month ban from putting properties on Tour.  A second offense within one calendar year will carry a six month ban from putting properties on Tour.

Please adhere to City and HOA regulations for hours, signage, deed restrictions, etc. Do not park on neighbors’ lawns or block traffic on neighborhood streets.

How often? There are two answers to this question — actually, it’s two questions! The first is how often can I have one property on Caravan? Answer: Once every six months unless the listing has changed Associates or companies. The second question is how often may I speak about the property at the morning meeting? Please try to limit your explanation of that brand-new listing that we are going to preview that morning to either during the “New Listing” portion of the meeting or to the “Caravan” portion of the meeting.

Charity announcements Association members wishing to make charity announcements must request and get approval from the caravan leader, MLS Chairman, Association Executive, or MLS Director prior to the meeting. Printed informational flyers are also allowed with approval.

Real Estate Related Public Announcements Anyone wishing to make a real estate related public announcement at the MLS Caravan meetings must request time prior to the meeting and disclose the topic of the announcement to the MLS Chairman, Association Executive, or MLS Director for approval. The announcement will be no longer than one minute and will be given during the General Announcement portion of the meeting.

Caravan Entry Form

Caravan Entry Form

Will print with your listing on the tour sheet.
We will use this email address to send confirmations, and to communicate any issues. If you wish to add more than one e-mail address please separate them by a comma and a space. Max of 3 e-mail addresses.

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