Janka Varmuza

Sanibel & Captiva Islands Association of REALTORS®

Interview Form for Leadership Position

Janka Varmuza

1. Tell us about your background.

Please See attached my profile bio.

2. What do you consider to be the most important issue facing our industry today?

The advancement of internet Technologies and platforms used in ourindustry, which is great advantage on one hand - for us as professionals as wellas for the buyers & sellers - but also a disadvantage as it might provide incorrectinformation which misleads customers.Also the trend to nationalized MLS’s might have a negative impact on ourindustry.

3. In your opinion, what should the association emphasize during the next two years?

I believe introducing the new - more user friendly and interactive MLS systemwas a great step forward for all members. Continuing to have a strongcommunity presence and involvement.

4. Describe your vision for the future of real estate.

This is quite difficult question to answer, as I am still quite new to the industry (active from 2016). However I think the fast pace of change in the IT will somehow impact our industry. I do believe despite the fact people are relying more and more on internet, personalized customer service and contact is not possible to replace.

5. Do you donate to RPAC? Do you believe that RPAC is helpful to our profession?

Yes, I do donate and believe that RPAC has a significant role to protect our profession.

6. Are you involved in community related activities?

Yes. I have been actively serving on The Sanibel School PTA Board for the past 5-6 years as an active member, Treasurer and during last school year as a Vice-President. I am also active member of Sanibel Community Church, used to be on Family & Children Ministry team and am volunteering with special events,also attended Mission to Children’s Home in Roatan, Honduras

7. Describe the most responsible leadership position you have ever held, including outside of the real estate profession.

I was managing European Liaison office for a HR/survey company based in St. Louis, MO as a European Operations Manager for 11 years.

8. How are you prepared to handle priority conflicts between business and association responsibilities?

I believe that due to my previous professional background/experience in management position I have a good sense of distinguishing priorities and organizing them logically in most efficient way.

9. Are you aware of, and willing, to make the commitment of time involved with serving in a Board position (attendance at board meetings, association functions and social events)?

Yes, I am.

10.Can you attend state and national meetings?

Yes, I can.

11.Are you on any committees at Florida Realtors® or NAR?

No, I am not. I only serve at our local association on 2 committees - Professional Development committee & Communication - PR committee

12.Do you wish to pursue leadership positions in our Association?

Yes, possibly in the future.

13.Can you support decisions and recommendations of the Board even when they may not necessarily coincide with your own views?

Yes, I can.

14. Do you believe the Association and MLS should remain independent of the other Associations and MLS in District 5?

Yes, I do.


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