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Interview Form for Leadership Position

Elizabeth Podolsky

1.   Tell us about your background.  

Originally from Monmouth County, New Jersey, I was drawn to Sanibel Island because of my passion for nature, wildlife, and conservation. I studied at West Virginia University and received my Network and Communications Management degree from DeVry University in North Brunswick, New Jersey. I previously held a number of Director positions in Information Technology, including Information Technology Security/Cyber Security, Compliance, E-commerce, Project Management, and Digital Marketing. I have lived in New York City, Monmouth Beach New Jersey, San Diego CA, West Virginia, and Philadelphia, PA.  Currently, I have the designation of Sanibel and Captiva Islands Specialist and I am pursuing my e-pro and GRI certifications. I previously practiced as a Veterinary Technician and have a great love for animals. I live on the island with my husband Joe and have a cat named Harley.   I am currently looking for my next rescue dog to be a member of my family. I enjoy yoga, shelling, boating, stand up paddle boarding, and volunteering. I am a Shell Ambassador for the Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum.

2.    What do you consider to be the most important issue facing our industry today?  

The most important issue facing our overall industry today is the influence of technology.   It is important to understand how technology is influencing our clients behaviors and our marketing. As Realtors®️, need to understand how to ethically use technology in marketing. It’s important that we understand how much disruption the internet is creating in our industry in order to manage it and maintain the quality and value of our profession. Locally, water quality education to our clients and members is of utmost importance.  We must support our local and state initiatives/groups that will ensure the future of tourism and real estate values in our state and community.

3.    In your opinion, what should the association emphasize during the next two years?

The association should continue to build and emphasize education for our members, particularly around ethics, marketing, and technology.  We must also focus on the dynamic relationships we, as an association and as Realtors® have with our community organizations and volunteer organizations.   We must maintain the focus on water quality through continued commitment of funds from the end of year golf and gift auction and education to our members and affiliates.  The association must continue to support state initiatives relating to the NFIP and items such as Amendment 2, which directly impact our clients and our industry.

4.                   Describe your vision for the future of real estate.  

My vision for the future of real estate is that we will continue to see more internet influences in our market and an increased need for hyper local expertise.   This is the reason I feel that combining with other associations is ultimately not to the benefit of those we service.  In order to continue to compete and provide the value that we do, we need to maintain the SCIS designation and other local focus that our association provides for our members.  This local focus will continue to push us to an exceptional customer experience and providing the best possible information about the island to our clients.

5.    Do you donate to RPAC? Do you believe that RPAC is helpful to our profession?

Yes, I do donate and I     believe that RPAC is helpful to our profession.

6.                   Are you involved in community related activities?

Yes,   I am a Shell Ambassador at the Shell Museum. I volunteer for their Adopt-A-Class program.  Adopt-A-Class is a program that allows sponsors to bring fourth grade students to the museum for a field trip.  Students come from all over Lee and Collier counties to learn and explore at the Museum. I also work with CHR to assist with their events.

7.                   Describe the most responsible leadership position you have ever held, including outside of the real estate profession.

As the lead for the Cybersecurity incident response team, I previously managed the forensic investigations for Privacy and CyberSecurity breach response for a number of very large multinational corporations.  I managed not only concurrent forensic investigations but also managed the daily tasks, direction of the investigation and the communication with Executive leadership, the FBI, and the Secret Service. 

8.                   How are you prepared to handle priority conflicts between business and association responsibilities?  

Priority conflicts are a part of my daily life, and have been a huge part of every position I have ever held.     Whether as a Project Manager or as a CyberSecurity incident response lead, I have a lot of experience in managing tasks.   My project management skills provide me with the tools I need to manage my time and tasks.    I acknowledge that there will be conflicts and I will do my best to manage and prioritize as necessary.

9.                   Are you aware of, and willing, to make the commitment of time involved with serving in a Board position (attendance at board meetings, association functions and social events)?  

Yes, I understand the commitment and I am willing to make the commitments throughout the duration of my appointment.

10.               Can you attend state and national meetings?

Yes, I look forward to representing our members and expanding my professional network.

11.               Are you on any committees at Florida Realtors® or NAR?  

 I am a currently a member of our local association committees. I am a member of the MLS, Water Quality, Public Relations committee.  I have been on the MLS committee since I joined the association in December of 2016.   I am currently pursuing multiple Florida Realtors designations and I look forward to the opportunity to join other committees in the future.

12.               Do you wish to pursue leadership positions in our Association?  

Yes, I personally believe that involvement in the association enriches my experiences within the Real Estate community.  It allows me an unparalleled opportunity to stay informed and contribute to the profession overall.

13.               Can you support decisions and recommendations of the Board even when they may not necessarily coincide with your own views?

Yes, I believe in the Board and trust that the Board will make the best decision/recommendations for the entirety of its members based on the input and beliefs shared by all of its Board members.  I believe that my input will be valued and respected and that input from each individual will lead to the best possible decision representing the best interests of the community and the association members.

14.               Do you believe the Association and MLS should remain independent of the other Associations and MLS in District 5?

Yes. I feel it is imperative to have a strong, ethical, and involved board President and leadership at the local level. This will ensure that our members and our community will continue to trust the association and its affiliate and realtor members.  Our Sanibel/Captiva island market is unique and deserves to be served by a local association.

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